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pH : Benchtop pH / Redox (ORP) Meters (CyberScan pH Range)

Choose from our wide range of pH / Redox meters, from the low cost, high specification CyberScan benchtop meter pH 510 through to our top of the range touch-screen CyberScan benchtop meter pH 5000. Incorporating advanced programmable features to suit the demands of today's scientist, Sophisticated yet easy-to-use functions entail these microprocessor-based pH meters make laboratory pH testing procedures routine with user-customisable options. Some top-of-the-line bench meters even automatically print or store measurements at timed intervals or when readings stabilise.  Preset alarm set-points are also available - ideal for quality batch control, research laboratories and more. The CyberScan pH meter range can be calibrated to up to 5 points using either USA, NIST or Euro pH buffer 1 - 12

Our new premium research-grade CyberScan Series 5000 bench pH meters with touch-screen technology and of advanced sophisticated functions, meet all GLP protocols. These pH meters have large memory capability and feature dual-channel displays for two simultaneous parameter measurements making this range uniquely superior. 

Please click on one of the following links to view the CyberScan pH meter that meets your requirements :

Model Parameter Calibration Points Output Memory
CyberScan pH 510 pH, mV, Relative mV, C 3 points (USA, NIST) Recorder 50 data sets
CyberScan pH 1100 pH, mV, Relative mV, C/F 5 points (USA, NIST, custom) RS232, Recorder 100 data sets
CyberScan pH 1500 pH, mV, Relative mV, C/F 6 points (USA, NIST, custom) RS232 100 data sets
CyberScan pH 6000(single channel) pH, mV, oC 5 points (USA, NIST, custom) USB, IRDA, RS232C 10,000 Data Sets with Date/Time stamping
CyberScan pH 6500(dual channel) pH, mV, oC 5 points (USA, NIST, custom) USB, IRDA, RS232C 10,000 Data Sets with Date/Time stamping
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We are proud to announce the launch of the Worlds First CFR 21 Compliant - Windows CE Driven Multi-Parameter 6000 Range of Bench Meters. Ideal for use in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food & Drug Manufacture and Health & Human Services. Please click here for details.

We accept all major credit/debit cards - please contact us for our best possible prices!; any questions? Why not try our Technical Area where you will find an in-depth explanation of many relevant aspects within the field of electrochemistry! more..


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