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Dissolved Oxygen : Dissolved Oxygen Sensors for Dissolved Oxygen in Water.

Do you measure Dissolved Oxygen in water or are you looking for replacement dissolved oxygen sensors? At R.M.S Ltd we can supply replacement DO2 sensors that are compatible with all modern instruments. All of our electrochemical sensors can be supplied with or with out temperature compensation. When it becomes necessary to change the membrane of our Do probes, it is a simple task to unscrew the membrane cap, fill a new one with the filling solution provided and screw on to the probe. All we need is the make and model of your DO meter so that we can determine the correct connector etc - please email, phone or fax us with your requirements and one of our team will contact you. 

We offer two polyographic dissolved oxygen sensors (types 601 and 602) and one galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor model (type 603). These probes are designed for laboratory dissolved oxygen measurements and have a standard 12mm body diameter.

The galvanic probe (type 603) is supplied as standard with the innovative new Model 650 Dissolved Oxygen Probe Conditioner.

In air-saturated water (20.9% Oxygen), type 601 has an output current of 600nA, type 602 an output current of 60nA. The output of the galvanic electrode (type 603) at saturation is 33 - 40mV.

Replacing the Teflon membrane is quick and easy. Simply unscrew the old assembly, load the new one with fill solution and screw it on to the electrode.

The residual output in zero oxygen solutions for all of the electrodes is less than 1% of the output in saturated water.

One or two A.T.C. sensors (Thermistor or Pt100/1000) may be fitted to customers specific requirements.

The electrode is supplied complete with 2 membrane assemblies and a 50ml bottle of filling solution.

A 50ml bottle of Zero Oxygen solution is also available for calibration purposes.

When ordering replacement electrodes please specify the Make and Type of instrument for which the electrode is required.

600nA ħ25% Less than 1% Saturation 800mV Teflon
60nA ħ25% Less than 1% Saturation 800mV Teflon
33 to 40mV Less than 1% Saturation N/A Teflon

When ordering, please specify:

A: Length of cable required in metres.

B: Type of A.T.C. element (Th=Thermistor or Pt=Platinum Resistance Element).

C: Resistance value of A.T.C.

D: Connector Type.

E.g. 601/2/Th10k/5pin DIN = Type 601 with 2m of cable, 10k Thermistor A.T.C. and a 5 pin DIN connector.

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