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What is Flame Photometry?

Flame photometry is an atomic emission method for the routine detection of metal salts, principally Na, K, Li, Ca, and Ba. Quantitative analysis of these species is performed by measuring the flame emission of solutions containing the metal salts. Solutions are aspirated into the flame. The hot flame evaporates the solvent, atomizes the metal, and excites a valence electron to an upper state. Light is emitted at characteristic wavelengths for each metal as the electron returns to the ground state. Optical filters are used to select the emission wavelength monitored for the analyte species. Comparison of emission intensities of unknowns to either that of standard solutions, or to those of an internal standard, allows quantitative analysis of the analyte metal in the sample solution.

Flame photometry is a simple, relatively inexpensive, high sample throughput method used for clinical, biological, and environmental analysis. The low temperature of the natural gas and air flame, compared to other excitation methods such as arcs, sparks, and rare gas plasmas, limit the method to easily ionized metals. Since the temperature isn't high enough to excite transition metals, the method is selective toward detection of alkali and alkali earth metals. On the other hand, the low temperatures renders this method susceptible to certain disadvantages, most of them related to interference and the stability (or lack thereof) of the flame and aspiration conditions. Fuel and oxidant flow rates and purity, aspiration rates, solution viscosity, concomitants in the samples, etc affect these. It is therefore very important to measure the emission of the standard and unknown solutions under conditions that are as nearly identical as possible.

What products do R.M.S Ltd offer for Photometry Measurement?


The all new BWB-XP Flame Photometer offers simple and reliable measurements in Flame Photometry offering the user the capability to simultaneously detect Sodium (Na) - Potassium (K) - Lithium (Li) - Calcium (Ca) - Barium (Ba) and display of all 5 elements.

The BWB XP Flame Photometer is a high quality, high performance instrument, employing modern technology to ensure simple and reliable measurements. As it is supplied as a full package including an air compressor (not affected by high humidity), a gas regulator, filters for Na - K - Li - Ba and Ca, both computer and auto-sampler compatible and finally offers switchable voltage. With this in mind the user has no hidden costs! The Flame Photometer only requires the provision of either propane or butane gas to enable it to be used straight out of its package.

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R.M.S Launch the all new BWB-12 Flame Photometer, simple & reliable measurements in Flame Photometry offering the user the capability to simultaneously detect Sodium (Na) - Potassium (K) - Lithium (Li) - Calcium (Ca) - Barium (Ba) and display of all 5 elements. . Please click here for details.

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