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Bench top Multi-Function Meters : CyberScan DO5000 Dissolved Oxygen (DO), BOD & Temperature Meter

The CyberScan DO5000 is our top of the range Dissolved Oxygen / BOD Meter with many advanced features such as : Automatic calculation of 5-day BOD Testing, as well as OUR and SOUR (Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate) testing, extensive display customisation allows viewing of display based on individual preferences for easy and quick viewing, Context-Specific "HELP" Menu and Automatic Salinity and Barometric pressure compensation for correction in oxygen solubility. Please click on the above picture to view full size.

Applications for the DO5000 Dissolved Oxygen meter include :    

Industrial :

Ideal for checks the quality of plant water intake and discharge, wastewater and water treatment, recirculating systems and aquaculture industries.

Environmental :

Use to test water quality, monitor health of aquatic ecosystems, survey surface and ground water drinking supplies, and meet EPA regulations.

Educational :

Ideal for quick, accurate DO/BOD readings in laboratories and schools.

Main Features :

  • Extra-Large Durable Touch-Screen LCD with Backlit provides optimum clear view of readings even at a distance 
  • Automatic Calculation of 5-day BOD Testing, as well as OUR and SOUR (Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate) testing 
  • Extensive Display Customisation allows viewing of display based on individual preferences for easy and quick viewing 
  • Secured Setup Options explicitly restrict unauthorized tampering of meter settings with two procedural levels (advanced, basic) for discerning users' needs 
  • Context-Specific "HELP" Menu prompts and guides user throughout meter's operation with self-diagnosis messages 
  • Advanced Setup Menu allows programmable functions like units of measure, stability, etc. and viewing of electrode diagnosis, previous calibration points. 
  • Automatic downloading of data into memory or computer via a cable at desired time intervals or whenever reading stabilizes 
  • Expanded Memory stores and recalls up to 250 data sets either manually or on programmable real-time intervals 
  • Built-In Real-Time Clock stamps stored data and calibration data with time & date - meets standards for GLP purposes 
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for best accuracy under fluctuating temperatures 
  • Automatic Salinity and Barometric Pressure Compensation for correction in oxygen solubility 
  • Self-Stirring BOD Probe keeps sample agitated and measurements consistent 
  • RS232 Communication interface for downloading data to a printer or PC for report documentation


Product Code

DO Range 0 to 60 ppm, 0 to 600%
Resolution & Accuracy 0.01/0.10% & 0.1% + 1 LSD
Temperature Range 0.0 to 45.0 C
Resolution & Accuracy 0.1 C & 0.1 C
Temperature Compensation Automatic/Manual (0 to 100 C)
DO Testing 5-day BOD, OUR and SOUR testing
Automatic Barometric Pressure Compensation 450 to 850 mm Hg
Memory 250 Data Sets with Date/Time stamping
Programmable data storage/output On stable, time and manual
Time/Date Display 12- or 24-hour format, date in U.S. or international format
Display 6" x 4.5" Touch-screen Custom LCD with backlit
Output RS232
Special Functions Automatic barometric pressure and salinity compensation
Power DC power adapter for 110VAC or 220VAC, center

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